Hello, I'm Ganesh Yadav a passionate, opinionated and creative Front End Developer / UI Developer. A self-motivated to combine art of design with art of programming. A professional who can write code for mobile-first Android and iPhone. A pixel perfectionist with cross-platform/cross-browser development.

I do…

  • Create features which give a seamless experience.
  • Collaborate which UI and UX designers to understand the concept and innovative prototypes.
  • Pair with developers and other teams to understand best practices and UX specifications.
  • Write Javascript from scratch.
  • Produce clean, semantic HTML and CSS, agonizing along the way for pixel perfection.
  • Ensure cross-platform/cross-browser compatibility.
  • Build simple interfaces and maintainable CSS with modular class names.
  • Can write code for accessibility for disabled and visually challenged.
  • Maintainable and reusable code.
  • Can use Photoshop if image is not in proper shape.
  • Illustrator when I want to replace png with SVG.
  • Write SEO friendly code.

I have…

  • 7 years of experience in Front End Development / UI Development.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON. Along with semantic HTML5 and CSS3.
  • A good understanding of Web Accessibility which is also known as a11y.
  • Experience smooth fades, animations, transitions with CSS and GSAP Tweenmax.
  • Some exposure to templating engines like mustache, jade, haml.
  • Experience in:
    • Writing modular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap 3/4.
    • CSS preprocessors like SASS, SCSS.
    • Creating mobile-first experiences with a good understanding of how responsive layout works.
    • Custom responsive media queries code.
  • Knowledge of OOCSS / Atomic design
  • Experience of writing modular / reusable / Object Oriented Javascript code using jQuery, AngularJS, Vue JS and ES6.
  • Working experience in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which loads super fast < 3 seconds.
  • Experience in Wordpress.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Working knowledge of NPM, build tools like requireJS and task runners like Grunt / Gulp.
  • Knowledge of version control tools like git.
  • Working knowledge of Graphic tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, corelDraw.
  • Some more things:
    • Working experience in deployment tools like Filezilla, cPanel.
    • Experience in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Doc, Sheets, Slide, Forms etc.
    • Working experience of IDE like Notepad++, Brackets, Atom, Sublime, Dreamweaver.